Jitsi on AWS

Hi! Has anyone tried running production Jitsi environment on AWS? What type of OS and instance size do you use? Do you have any performance issues?

Thank you!

@vlamic welcome to the community!

Yes. We use AWS and Ubuntu. Small for the meeting server and large for video bridges. Search the forum for sizing and performance recommendations.

Start here:

We do it on a daily basis! :slight_smile:

Do consider that Amazon AWS does have a performance penalty as for reasonable prices, you only get V-CPUS and not hyperthreading… As we could compare, this DOES make a difference in the overall responsiveness of the system. We have successfully switched to jitsi-meet-docker and I have to say, once you iron-out the quirks, it runs great!

If you are going to have a single server, with max 100-120 simultaneous users, give OVH a try… They offer dedicated machines for less than 150$ canadian per month (that is like 10cents US ! :stuck_out_tongue:) They have hyperhtreading and honestly, you get so much control over the instance that it is as if you were running a bare-metal machine… Hell, I could even set cpu governors at will and use the integrated i-GPU in the CPU cores for H264 transcoding!

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