Jitsi on AWS

Congratulations on all the work. Jitsi is very good.
I installed Jitsi on its own server and then on a C2 AWS Instance.
I easly managed to change some settings.
This is an educational project and I use room with 50 to 60 people, first with difficulties in C5.xlarge and some alarms from the management of the instance.
I moved to C5.2xlarge and yes it works.
In one week I had 6 meetings and 8 hours, but the prices are very expensive.
I know it won’t be the best place to talk about prices here, but what chances do I have?
I asked Amazon AWS for a quote but the option is C hime.
I want Jitsi!

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Which OS are you using for your instance?

Hello the OS is Ubuntu 18.04

I don’t know much about AWS but this article mentions using its scheduling service to start/stop Jitsi on demand :

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Hello, how much you paid in C5.2xlarge for your 6 meetings, 8 hours for everyone? 48 hours? please i need one immplemantation similar