Jitsi on Api

Jitsi runs only above or equal to api 26. When i install my app from app it crashes. but when i changed the min sdk it works fine. why it is not application to under 26 api.

Our minimum supported API is 21. We test on Android 5.0 devices and have found no such issues. Are you building an app with the jitsi SDK or installing jitsi meet itself? What’s the crash output?

Im using jitsi sdk basically it works fine for me but when i build apk it crashes on jitsi meet activity as the it joins the room. But during the testing from android studio it works fine for me .

have any idea about this.

basically it crashes when i install apk manually

Please paste the crash output. I cannot possibly know without looking at any output.

how could i get crash report when i install manually?
Is it necessary to install react-native to to use jitsi or you can tell me any tutorial to teach that how could i use jitsi.

Hi it solves for me as i replace my gradle with 3.2.0
classpath ‘com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.2.0’
its working fine. kindly check why its crashing on
classpath ‘com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.5.2’

Use adb logcat

What do you really want to do? You don’t need to build it just to use it. You can install it from the Play Store or F-Droid.

Why are you modifying the code when you don’t know the implications? What exactly are you trying to accomplish and why did you make that change in the first place?

i just add sdk in my app and after that when i install apk from android studio it works. but when i install a buiild file it crashes on jitsi acitivity starts.

Without any logs I can’t really help you. Use the “logcat” tab in Android Studio and paste the error you see when it crashes.