Jitsi on android TV

Hi there.
I’m creating an app based Jitsi for video calls between android TV(apk)/desktop(web app)/mobile phone(apk).
I experiencing problems every time android TV is involved in the conversation, It manifests in low quality image/delay. even when tested on strong internet connection.
I will appreciate any help to solving this issue .

Some Android TV devices have very low compute capability so may struggle to decode multiple streams at once. You will want to be sure that hardware decoding is being used. The last I heard, react-native-webrtc (which is used by Jitsi Meet iOS and Android SDKs) can only do hardware decode for H.264 — @saghul may have more up-to-date information on that though. If that’s still the case (or if you are using a device which doesn’t have VP8/VP9 hw decode anyway), then you may want to try H.264 so that the device doesn’t have to decode all streams in software. You will lose simulcast though.

Apart from that, you can also check the connectivity — you said the Internet connection is strong but what about the wireless to the Android TV device? Some of these devices have very poor antennas, and they’re rarely placed well for optimum signal. Many of these devices can use a USB-Ethernet if one is plugged in, so you could try that to eliminate WiFi as a factor.

Hay thank you for your comment.
In this app I’m not using react-native, I’m using react with capacitor if it is meter.
I thought it might be a hardware problem bat there are others apps like Duo by google that uses android TV and do not have those issues. I could not find their solution to the problem

Their solution is likely that they ensure they’re using a codec with hardware decode support on the device.

Thank you i will read more about that

If you are not using our SDK are you using a WebView? Then I’m not sure you can fiddle with codec support…