Jitsi on a local setup without Internet

Hi ,
I have a Jitsi setup installed on one of my server (with jitsi-videobridge,jicofo,prosody).
It is behind a proxy network and I am able to have video conference between devices on the same network with Internet. But if I disable internet connectivity, I am unable to have video conference with others on the same network. How can we get a jitsi meet conference setup in a server and access it for conference without Internet connectivity.


What is the error you see? Are those clients able to access the jvb internal ip address?

Clients are in the same network and I am able to reach the server(ping packets are successful)
But when I connect to jitsi meet on browser or via app I get connection error.

Is there any specific config parameter that needs to be modified in order to make it work without internet.

Hi, are you able to configure the jitsi in local area network (LAN) setup?