Jitsi Old Install -- Simple app to show dependencies of a specific Jitsi version

Want to install a specific version of Jitsi that is not the latest, but struggling to pin the correct version for all the other deps?

Maybe this will help β†’ Jitsi Old Install

This is a very simple interface for dependency data I gather here. Data is updated twice a day.

Code hosted here: shawnchin/jitsi-old-install . PRs are very welcome.


Very cool :+1:

Maybe jitsi-meet-tokens and jibri will be listed as seperate commands.

Great suggestion!

Alas, from where I’m sourcing the dependency data there is no explicit link between a jitsi-meet version and that of jitsi-meet-token or jibri. I suppose with jitsi-meet-tokens we could assume the same version with jitsi-meet-web since that’s usually (always?) the case, but I’m not sure how to map to a recommended jibri version. Any ideas?

Indeed jibri gets released separately.

jitsi-meet-tokens now included :slight_smile: