Jitsi Octo stats

Hi guys, it seems that when we are using Octo to spread load on different jvb,
JVB stats reports the same number of participants on each JVB (for a big conf) instead of real participants inside the conf.

For ex: if we have 62 participants in a room spread on 7 jvb , each jvb stats will return 62 participants so 434 in total instead of 62.

The “participants” metric will give you all endpoints and “octo_endpoints” will give you the Octo endpoints. You can find the number of local endpoints by subtracting one from the other (it was done this way in order to export fewer metrics).


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Perfect, i will do that

thank you, it works perfectly.

do you have a same tip for conferences ? because we have same number on octo_conferences and jitsi_conferences so substraction wont work

We just merged this PR which adds a “local_endpoints” stat so you don’t have to do the subtraction.

I don’t know of a similar trick for conferences. In a multi-bridge conference none of the bridges are special, so there isn’t a natural way to prevent double counting. What you can do instead is monitor jicofo’s stats (curl http://localhost:8888/stats | jq .conferences).



Thank you, indeed jicofo can be a solution