Jitsi not working with T-mobile network but works when I switch to WiFi

Hi Folks
I have my own deployment. https://vidtel.live/
Recently I noticed that the only way to get my iPhone to work is to switch to turn wifi on.
With any other carrier it works just fine,
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hum this sounds like ipv6 problem, I have seen T-Mobile to use ipv6 only. @saghul

Hey damencho,
It works fine on meet.jit.si with T-mobile.
Is there something I need to change to get the same capability as meet.jit.si ?

Hum, that is strange … if I know what is causing this may give you an answer … not sure what is the difference … @saghul may have some ideas …

I tried it also at T-Mobile Store no matter what it didn’t work with out enabling wifi then it works.
Every other carrier worked just fine Verizon ATT Spectrum etc.
With Chrome it reacts same way.
What puzzeles me is that it works with meet.jit.si