Jitsi not working on Ubuntu 18.04

Hi Jitsi people,

I just installed Jitsi on Ubuntu 18.04, 32bit. Not working, won’t run. I followed this guide https://jitsi.org/downloads/ubuntu-debian-installations-instructions/.

sudo apt-get update gives me no errors.


The installation, constant errors, … is very frustrating, …takes so long.

Thanks for any help, guides, etc…


What won’t run? There are a number of components at play. Or are you perhaps looking for the Jitsi Desktop client?

Hi Saghul,

I get this in the terminal.

Also, nothing comes up when I type “jitsi” in the search box. All other programs installed I can find easily and they run from the terminal.

Yes, I want to run the Jitsi desktop client. I have many technical issues with Jitsi (other party can’t hear me, can’t see me, …) using the web browsers (Firefox, Chromium).

No issues with Jitsi using browsers on Windows 10, though.

Those are 2 separate projects. For Jitsi (Desktop, which is legacy and unmaintained at this point) you need to install “jitsi”, not “jitsi-meet”.

Jitsi Meet is the browser compatible video conferencing solution.

If I click through to download the Desktop client I end up installing the same packages as for non-legacy projects. So I end up with the same packages either way.


The Jitsi Desktop client on Windows 10 works OK. Why not on Ubuntu 18.04?

If you added the repositories to your system you can just do “apt install jitsi”. The deb package is this one: https://download.jitsi.org/unstable/jitsi_2.11.5624-1_amd64.deb

I will try the unstable one just for the heck of it. :grinning:

@saghul: Same problem as @anpi with Ubuntu 18.04.4 - after “installing the full suite” (according to the official instruction) there seems to be no Jitsi Desktop.

Only after additional “apt install jitsi” (according to your hint), the desktop can be started, but gets stuck on the splash screen at “NumbuzzAvatars”Screenshot_20200314_202943

@fbusse Jitsi Dektop is currently unmaintained. It transitioned to community maintenance in 2015, so we are no longer investing in its development.

Sorry about that.

@saghul I understand that Jitsi Desktop is unsupported. Being no power user, I have dropped it.

Is there any user documentation to Jitsi Meet? After “installing the full suite ” (according to the official instruction), I still have no idea of how to start.

It’s a completely different product, Jitsi Meet it’s designed for video conferencing. You don’t need to install it to test it out, go to meet.jit.si and poke around!

I believe Jitsi Desktop WAS the only client which supports XMPP audio calling. I have enjoyed for years.

Unfortunately, it is been stopped working now.

Can anybody tell me any other client which support XPMM audio calling.