Jitsi not working after ubuntu system restarted

I have not been able to jitsi meet. It keep on giving me Connection error. Your device may be offline or our servers may be experiencing problems
How can I verify the state of thing in my local ubuntu system

Also is it compulsory for my computer to be connected to the internet when i am starting the computer for jitsi to work properly. Even though it would still be connected online before it get used?

How are you connecting to your server? Any chance it’s behind a dynamic IP which has changed?

It is not behind any dynamic ip, It is running on my local computer which has apache as it’s web server.

The apache worked fine.

Please is there any service similar to sudo systemctl status apache2 which i can use to know the state of jitsi on my server.
Maybe a tutorial or list of commands and their uses,

systemctl status prosody
systemctl status jicofo
systemctl status jitsi-videobridge2