Jitsi not streaming to Vimeo

We used to be able to live stream to Vimeo.
And also record to Dropbox.
Last week both Sunday night and Monday night and this Sunday as well, we had notification telling us no available contact support.

Has anything changed???
Is jitsi no longer capable to stream to Vimeo??

Maybe there were no streamers at that time in your region? Where is that so we can take a look?

Thanks for coming back to me.
We are in the
UK - Newcastle upon Tyne
Let me know.
Would that be solved if we hosted our own jitsi meet server on something like digital ocean??

We will take a look today, but yeah the recorders are expensive and so limited resource for meet.jit.si.
Yes you can always host your own deployment, you will need and jibris installed and configured.
Or you can subscribe for 8x8.vc account for a small fee where the recorders are unlimited.

I tried signing in with 8x8 a number of times.
I was always unsuccessful and their team never came back to me.

Hum, that’s strange. What was your problem?

Getting hold of anyone to talk too.

I have actually registered my self - connected a debit card but I didn’t receive any instructions on what next.

It was few months ago - so I do not remember the details. I remember asking on reddit if 8x8 is a real company.

I prefer paying 8x8 something rather than just the free service.

What should i do next?

Thank you