Jitsi not detecting Chrome desktop sharing extension



After updating my testing platform with the latest stable version of Jitsi-Meet, I noticed that Chrome desktop sharing extensions is not detected anymore. I reinstalled the extension but it didn’t solve the problem.

Once I click on “Share your screen” button I get the following message :

Here’s the JS console error when I click on “Cancel”

PS : I’m using Chrome Version 68.0.3440.75 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Any help please ?


Did you verify the site when you were uploading the extension to chrome store?


Yes I did, but I work with the same extension for multiple domain names
the main one is verified (production) but the others, including my testing platform, are not.


Another user had the same issue : [jitsi-dev] Desktop sharing not working when using external API

So I had to add the following line after Jitsi API declaration :
api.getIFrame().contentWindow.chrome.runtime = window.top.chrome.runtime;

PS : this only happens when the iframe and the top window belong to the same domain