Jitsi no audio output in Android Webview when joined before speaker


I am facing one issue for which i need help.

No Audio Output (audio of other participants) can be heard when join before the speaker (that speaks).


  1. Issue comes only when joined via Webview on Android within my app.
  2. I have prejoin page enabled so that autoplay with audio works and can confirm that autoplay works well by joining after the speaker joins, this is irrespective of when speaker unmutes actually, if joined after speaker than can hear whenever speaker unmutes.
  3. If than leave the meeting because of no audio output and join back again than can hear the speaker, ultimately joining meeting any time after speaker joins can get audio output.
  4. I tested the scenario with meet.jit.si meeting, happening same so not a selfhosted jitsi configuration issue.

I am actually able to solve the issue if i configure webview this way, than even if join before speaker, can listen speaker whenever he join, unmute & speak, so looks like issue somewhere is related to autoplay - webView.getSettings().setMediaPlaybackRequiresUserGesture(false);

The above solution will require me to update around 15 apps on the play store to fully integrate jitsi, that will be a big ask.

Can anybody confirm if it happens for them also ? Or is it just me or my device or my app or my webview issue ?

This is with prejoin disabled?


I have mentioned that in 2nd point of INFO that i have prejoin page enabled, here is a screenshot of my custom-config.js (docker) , prejoin page is infact displayed and video/audio works without any further interaction, so yeah prejoin + autoplay both works -

Does the same thing happen if you join unmuted?