Jitsi new toolbar

Jitsi new toolbar is super dope. A much much better look.
@jallamsetty @saghul @damencho This is an amazing work. Kudos to Jitsi team for making this product better every day.

Screenshot (570)|690x272


Neither of us was involved on this one :wink: I’ll pass the feedback along though, thanks for the love!

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I think it was
commit f7b930409b42f46dd946b70375122bb45c7aad85 (tag: jitsi-meet_3561, tag: 3229)
Author: Hristo Terezov hristo@jitsi.org

IMO it’s better but the old was not bad either, so when it’s going to stable there may be quite a few angry crying (“can we have the old interface back please ?” → answer: no)

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That was the 2019 redesign, the current one was done by Vlad: feat(Toolbar): Redesign web toolbar · jitsi/jitsi-meet@91ba835 · GitHub