Jitsi native client for the raspberrypi 4


Trying to use a raspberrypi 4 with 8Gb RAM in Ubuntu 20.04 to access jitsi meetings. I am finding it a bit sluggish both on Firefox and Chromium.

Is there anything I can do client side to improve this, maybe through the use of a native desktop client? Is there one?

Also, I know the server administrator, is there anything that can be done on the server to reduce the impact on the clients?


Paulo Matos

Have you tried low-bandwidth mode? Does it improve the situation?
Stopping local video or setting lastN=1 so you receive just one video may help.

Local video is required. Will try low-bandwidth mode - what’s lastN? Is this a URL setting?

Yep, it can be set by the client. Low bandwidth mode is no local video and it is actually lastN=0 the only video you will receive is desktop sharing. The other option is to lower the quality from the slider to see whether the lower resolutions of video will affect performance.

It would be really nice to have a list of all available parameters. For example lastN is not mentionned here : User Guide (advanced) · Jitsi Meet Handbook

Is there such a place already ?

Thanks !

Thank you for the quick reply.
Do you mean that all the parameters in the config.js can be overwritten from the url of a room ?

Yes. I think so.

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