Jitsi Mute/Unmute Causes Echo

Weird error I am encountering. I have code as such for muting and unmuting a video track. For example:

let videoTrack = null;

window.JitsiMeetJS.createLocalTracks({ devices: localDevices }). .then(onLocalTracks)
                    .catch(error => {
                        throw error;

 async function onLocalTracks(tracks) {

    if(tracks[0].getType() === 'video') {
     videoTrack  = tracks[0];


function muteTrack() {

function unmuteTrack() {

What is weird is that in iOS15 inside both Safari and a Webview, if the video track is muted and unmuted, it echos. I was reading there was something similar here: Duplicate audio in p2p on mobile · Issue #1631 · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

No idea, since the video track contains no audio :open_mouth: