Jitsi Mobile SDK Full-screen button and new events


We’re building an interface similar to twitch and are using our own chat features. What we are trying to achieve is allow users to jump in and out of fullscreen mode. What we’ve done is embed the Jitsi interface inside a pod that we change dimensions for in landscape and portrait mode. For fullscreen mode, we can maximize the dimensions and it works fine. However, we want the fullscreen button to be inside the Jitsi toolbar. What we need is the button to be placed and then that button triggers an event that we can listen to in our native app(similar to how we can listen to a hangup event) and toggle fullscreen on or off based on the button state.

If someone can point me to the right files that I need to modify to achieve this results, I will be ever so grateful. Even willing to pay someone to do it if that is allowed on this forum.


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I’ve moved this to the “Paid-work” section for you so it gets more visibility with those who may be interested.

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Hi @salmanhijazi,

We are interested in helping you. I have sent you a PM. Please check it out.

Sent you an Email. Thanks!

I am interested as well