Jitsi Mobile SDK broadcast action only working on first conference

Hi Guys,

I am having this issue with firing broadcast action on SDK version 7. for example

LocalBroadcastManager.getInstance(getApplicationContext()).sendBroadcast(toggleCameraBroadcastIntent) only works on the first time joining a conference. But when I disconnect from the conference and start a new one then that action does not work anymore. It will only start to work again if I terminate the mobile app and start it again, but like before it only works on the first conference, and the next one will stop working

For the records, I use the SDK to build my custom native toolbox, and heavily depends on this broadcast action. It was working fine before when using SDK version 5 with the ExternalAPIModule.broadcastEvent method

Do you guys have any idea why this bug happens? or it is because I call the finish() method to end the first conference. if is how to properly end the conference in the new Jitsi-meet or Jitsi SDK

@saghul I tried it again with SDK version 6.2.2 and my app working as it should be. but when I used SDK 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 even using SDK version 8.0.0 on branch mobile-23 it won’t work, sometimes it event won’t work at all even on the first meeting. But if I use react toolbox for mute camera etc it works just fine, this only happens when I’m using LocalBroadcastManager to toggle the camera or mute button and left the meeting (on my custom native toolbox).

Btw this issue only happens on android, it works just fine on ios. I can use a custom native toolbox using the broadcast feature on all ios SDK versions without any issue.

Is there any specific update from SDK version 6.2.2 to 7.0.0 that may have an impact on this broadcast action issue?

turns out just my stupid mistake in merging my own modified code and the latest code from the mobile branch. Some js code on API middleware.js was scrambled and affecting native events not unregistered properly :sweat: