Jitsi mobile application Implementation

Can I get some example react native applications which have extended the jitsi meet mobile project?

It has to have some client specific custom features. I am keen to explore how we can build an application with features based on the jitsi mobile sdk.

Can lib-jitsi-meet be used on mobile?


Do you mean something like this?

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We currently don’t provide a react-native SDK. Hopefully we’ll get it done this year as part of a GSoC project.

If it’s a native app you can look at our samples.

With significant work yes, that’s what our RN app uses.

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Thanks @shawn and @saghul,

Great! Looking forward for this!

I’ll see what can I do with this. My intention is to build a product with minimal size.

The bulk of our app size is WebRTC and React Native, both of which you can’t avoid.

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Sure I understand, I’ll have a look. Thanks