Jitsi mobile app doesn't show video / hear audio

Update: the problem doesn’t seem to occur on https://meet.jit.si/ server, but not on our local server (on about 10% of devices)

Two people are connected to jitsi channel.
Participant in Jitsi app (latest version) on a smartphone has video/mic enabled, but the person on the computer cannot be heard/seen and vice versa:
on the computer (left) via browser shows that the person with the app joined, but cannot hear/see the person participating from the app on the smart device (also shows that person is muted and camera is disabled)

Two people connecting via browser on the computer to the same channel can see/hear each other.
When opening the right through chrome in smartphone on the same smart device, everything works.

I have re-installed the jits app on the smart device, deleted the data.
Also cleared the cache on computer. But the situation is the same.
The problem occurs randomly, exactly same configuration works on some devices and don’t work on others (devices are identically configured)

Please help.

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Thanks a lot