Jitsi - mobile app (android or IOS) don't connect to meetings

Need help configuration jitsi server.

What i did:

  1. Install Debian10
  2. Install Jitsi meet
  3. setup sertificates.

Сonferences are opened in the browser without problems. When I try to connect from a mobile app, an error occurs:


can’t see your logs,

could you share them here ?

Also how you installed jitsi?

you have failing pairs in your jvb.log. Usually it means connectivity problem on port 10000; yet you say that your PC are connecting fine. Could it be that your computers are on a private network and connect directly, not from the nternet ?

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i can’t upload log’s here - i’m new user (
i will do reload log’s on other fileserver - Filecloud.me – most simple file sharing

yes. Server published on internet.

Seems like your certificate chain is not generated correctly, Search for sectigo certificate chain

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as @emrah said your ssl certs are not working properly.

portmanager error Error binding encrypted port for https: No certificate present in SSL/TLS configuration for https port 5281

This is actually harmless. But yes, the observations reported by the OP suggest cert problems, especially if it’s accurate that desktop browsers are able to connect, but mobile devices can’t.

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as said try to remove the root certificate from the chain. This site explains the details.

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i did reconfig nginx with new chain. This fixed it. TNX!