Jitsi mobile android not working

Hello everyone,
My fresh installation Ubuntu 18.04+Apache2+commercial certificate working from web browser and iOS app.
But having trouble with android jitsi app,android app wont connect.And could not see any apache access or error logs on server.
Any clue for android jitsi app?
Please catch attached Jitsi Android screenshots:

Any idea?

check ur settings on adroid app input your correct url

some user using mobile forget to set their correct url they forgot the / at the end of url


I tried to ‘forget’ it on Jitsi 20.1.0 and the software added it automatically so it’s unlikely.

Hi, did you include chain certs into your SSL cert?

ref: SOLVED: Android immediately disconnects, always


yes ,this is Comodos chain certificate,but nothing changed,mobile from android immediatly disconnecting.

SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/jitsi/can/My_CA_Bundle.ca-bundle

how about your test result on https://whatsmychaincert.com/ ?