Jitsi Meets Participants can kick me out of my own conversation

Hello dear Jitsi Team,

I really like your program and currently i’m using it to stream my conversations with friends on youtube with the" youtube stream beta" Option. Everything works fine, but one thing is problematic: every participant in the jitsi is able to stop the youtube stream and also can kick out other participants. Yesterday we’ve been kicked out of our own conversation by a troll. Is there any option to have limited options for participants and only the owner of the converstaion can kick other people / stop the stream ?

Thank you in advance

Strolling through various topics and coming upon this one unanswered yet worries me a slight bit, just due to the fact that my future plans of using this same program could also involve a situation of rage/troll such as closing out video or kicking other users out of the chat. I haven’t went as far as using this yet to be able to come across this problem or others. So in regards to JustusDE and the Jitsi Team/Community, i hope this becomes a soon fix. Also i might add, within the source coding side of things, would it be possible to manually add options in, and changing how that works? may be it complicated or not. :slight_smile: Have a good night/day all!