Jitsi Meets Participants can kick me out of my own conversation

Hello dear Jitsi Team,

I really like your program and currently i’m using it to stream my conversations with friends on youtube with the" youtube stream beta" Option. Everything works fine, but one thing is problematic: every participant in the jitsi is able to stop the youtube stream and also can kick out other participants. Yesterday we’ve been kicked out of our own conversation by a troll. Is there any option to have limited options for participants and only the owner of the converstaion can kick other people / stop the stream ?

Thank you in advance

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Strolling through various topics and coming upon this one unanswered yet worries me a slight bit, just due to the fact that my future plans of using this same program could also involve a situation of rage/troll such as closing out video or kicking other users out of the chat. I haven’t went as far as using this yet to be able to come across this problem or others. So in regards to JustusDE and the Jitsi Team/Community, i hope this becomes a soon fix. Also i might add, within the source coding side of things, would it be possible to manually add options in, and changing how that works? may be it complicated or not. :slight_smile: Have a good night/day all!


April 2020 and it hasn’t been fixed.

It’s not “fixed” because it’s “working as intended.”

The public meet.jit.si service, by design, makes all users moderators and makes a few other changes to configuration settings to meet their goals for that service.

If you don’t like those options, then you are free to run your own server/service, in which case the first user in will be the moderator, you can have user authentication tokens, etc.

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No disrespect intended, but there are many posts inquiring about this. Perhaps this feature isn’t popular and is hampering adoption. I’ve just discovered Jitsi today and love the concept and what it offers at crucial time. I have the skills to set up my own server, but most people can’t say that. It would be great if Jitsi were as easy for beginners to use as Signal and became that kind of alternative to Zoom/Skype. Based on this forum and reviews that I see on the Play store, it looks like this lack of Administrator feature in the public service quickly turns a lot of people off and they abandon it.

So bring it up with the 8x8 people. It’s their public service they run for the world to use. I’m sure they’d be happy to set up a paid instance for people who aren’t happy with the free offering.

That’s true, of course. But I wonder why these people insist on changing the Jitsi Meet demo server “meet.jit.si” instead of just using another existing Jitsi Meet server. There are tons of it:

I am sure you can find a server which has the security concept you prefer most.

As I mentioned it’s an issue for me because I use meet.jit.si also as an encoder to Livestream my conferences on YouTube. The pb is that the build-in encoder " YouTube stream beta" is not available on other servers. I think it make sense to implement an option for avoiding beeing kicked out of conferences. Many youtubers are now choosing streamyard because it is more secure for streaming. It also makes jitsi a bad publicity when a troll with the link can kick out everybody of the conference in front of hundreds of viewers. if it’s technically possible and not a big thing to implement, it should be done in my eyes.

Current consensus among developers seems, that it is sufficient to enable secure domain,
and this option changes default behaviour of the system.

Only authorized users are admins in that case, so you will be protected.

Anyway, I consider implementing some kind of “Admin lock” from the UI a good idea,
to enable admin locking on demand, without the need of changing server settings.