Jitsi Meets need to use your microphone and camera

I am also having issues on chrome. No webcam and mic with multipe users . Firefox and IOS & Android app are ok. Also on the jitsi server and test servers ts ok but on my own server it keeps failing… juts today I saw an update but that still did no do the trick:

See also this for more details

We see this often. Go to the URL bar and click on the lock icon next to the URL. It should open a drop down box where you will tell the browser to ALLOW the jitsi site to access the camera and microphone. I don’t know why Chrome mangles these settings more than other browsers.

Camera and Microphone both say ALLOWED, Jitsi’s Camera setting says “permission not granted”, that is not true. I even tried a reboot of WIN10. The camera used to work in Jitsi. It works in Zoom.

Could this be something in a recent Chrome Update? I’m on 64 bit Windows + Chrome version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Microphone doesn’t work, Microsoft Edge

Looks like Jitsi (web) has fixed my issue anyway.

Same Problem. On iPad 6th generation there is no time to clic the “ok” button in order to allow usage of microphone and camera. As soon as I am in the meeting the software says “usage not granted”. On iPad Air 4 it works perfectly - without clicking anything! In the setting (the three dots on the right) I could find microphone & camera, but I can’t choose any option: “not allowed” , that’s all. Help?