Jitsi Meetings

Hi everyone,
I noticed something a little bit weird in Jitsi Meetings. Say for example, i created a meeting (Room) and i invited an other person, this person can exclude me out from the meeting !!! Logically, he doesn’t have the right to do so, because he’s not the one who created the meeting?

JitsI meets official deployment makes everyone the moderatee

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In addition to the other comment, if you host it on your own server, only you are the moderator.

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thank you guys

Just to clarify, this is MOSTLY true, but that’s because many people who host their own server only add one account (for themselves) in Prosody. You can actually add other people as moderators as well through prosody. And you can even take it further by implementing JWT tokens which allows you to define roles and anyone you add to the moderator role will have moderator privileges.