Jitsi Meetings (Chrome Extension) not working on Microsoft Calendar

I downloaded before the Jitsi Meetings (Chrome Extension) and it worked perfectly.

After sometime, it suddenly stops working with Office 365 Calendar. I couldn’t see the Add A Jitsi Meeting button when making a new event in the calendar.

I’m not really sure if Microsoft is preventing the extension to add the button. Did any of you experience this?

Facing the same issue here.

Yeah. It was working before. Now I cant update my Office 365 calendar.

Are you guys talking about consumer or business Office 365?

I’m referring to https://outlook.live.com/calendar.

Try installing the Jitsi Meetings Chrome extension and link it up with your Google Calendar and Outlook Live Calendar and you’ll see what I meant with the issue.

Please note that this issue is related to Jitsi Chrome Extension and not Jitsi Meet to where you are linking me to.

Yes, I can also confirm that it’s not there (unlike Google), even for a freshly-connected account, but the extension hasn’t been updated in over two years, so it’s surprising that it worked this long.

Parallel to this, I’m trying to get it working with non-consumer Outlook, which will probably lead to the same problem, but getting to that point is much, much harder if not impossible (which is why I was wondering if everyone was on consumer).

Hello all,

Seeing that this is something that used to work after a fashion, is there any clarity on what needs to happen for this to work, especially for the business version of Office365? Is there anything I can help with, even if it is only to help this issue getting some traction?



So far, no updates on this one. I have placed this issue in my backlog for weeks now and will only work on this again once someone is able to come up with a solution.

I would love this issue to be fixed since it was already working before. I’m sure this could help those who are using Office365 instead of those who are just using Google Calendar. Thus, increasing the users for Jitsi.

Did I answer your question? :smile:


The extension was finally updated this month for the first time in years. The bad news is that the update somehow doesn’t affect this problem. It would be nice if it did, in addition to supporting not just the consumer calendar (outlook.live.com/calendar) but the business one (outlook.office.com/calendar).