Jitsi meeting went down several times, then down for good. Was there a problem this morning?

I was hosting a sketching meetup on Jitsi this morning.It kept going out and said something went wrong we will reconnect in a certain number of seconds.It would come back on after a few seconds.
Then finally it went out altogether and Just showed squares with initials.Was there a problem with Jitsi this morning or is it may be an Internet problem with all the kids on Zoom for school?

There was a network problem an hour ago in us-west region, which lasted for few minutes. So I suppose this is what you had experienced.

Thank you. We were going to try to do a weekly meeting, but do you think the network problem will continue because of all the classes that are now being held in virtual meetings?

That was temporary problem, outside of our control.

I faced the same issue yesterday!