Jitsi meeting links - valid for how long?

I have come into Jitsi Meet through it being embedded in faithlife.com portal. It is great and working well.

From previous video-conferencing applications, I would have expected a meeting link to be redundant after everyone has left the call. However, previous meeting links appear to still be open over a week after the call.

How long do these links stay open for?

My understanding is that simply going to the link creates the room if it doesn’t exist. So, the links should always work.

Yes sure, but what happens if the initial room was created with a password? I think the password will be removed…

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I believe you are correct. When the last person leaves the room, the password is removed.

We haven’t used passwords for meetings, although perhaps we should…

So, if the password is removed, does the link still work to create the room, it just becomes open with no password? Can I create a new password for the same room?

Yes, I just checked it.
If a password is set, it will be removed when all are gone. A reconnect to the same room than without a password is possible, no matter if the room needs to be recreated or not, it is just open.

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That’s great, folks. Thanks so much for your help