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We have 2 separate Jitsi rooms with about 8 users for each room. Is it possible to combine both rooms so that they are visible on the computer screen for all 16 users? Thanks

What is the use case? Why don’t they meet in the same room in the first place?

What do you mean by “what is the use case”? Don’t understand your terminology.

@k3beq His question: Why do you need two separate rooms, if you’re looking to combine all the users anyway? Why not just have one meeting with all 16 users?

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His question to my question was clear but does not address my question.

The reason we have 2 rooms is that one was compromised and invaded intermittently* by intruders who initiate the password or moderator icons, locking everyone out. However there are periods when they do not invade. The powers to be of the Group do not want to give up that particular room despite my arguments against retaining it…

So the original question was asked if both rooms can be monitored simultaneously to determine if the first room has been compromised… I recognize that using 2 browsers can accomplish monitoring 2 rooms on 1 screen but takes a little doing with sizing, minimizing and screen adjustments but can be cramped on a small screen. Other than that I do not believe it can be done but asked the question anyway…Thanks.

are you using the public deployment? (meet.jit.si)?

yes this is possible

do you mean windows?

and yes it can be done.
Chrome/Chromium Based: Split Screen for Google Chrome
Firefox: Forum Post - How do I split the screen to see 2 different tabs side by side

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