Jitsi meet

I want to install jitsi meet

So, what is stopping you?

BTW, very meaningful thread title…:slight_smile:

you could use this simple tutorial easyjitsi.com

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Just for curiosity: What is the intention of the easyjitsi.com project?
Documentation there seems to be better than the original docs.
Why not improve the docs of the official site/repo?

Hi, I work at EasyJitsi.com. Our goal is simple. To improve the quality of documentation for the jitsi open source platform. We are 100% open to the idea of improving the original docs. If only the management of jitsi will allow us we can really take the documentation of this project to the next level. We only created our own domain so we had full control of the site and frequency of updates. I hope I answered you question to some degree.

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