I installed the jitsi-meet relying on jetty. However, I did not have the fqdn. Now I do have the FDQN and will now want to give up the IP with this replacement. This is also needed for valid letencrypt CERT. How do I make this change thanks.

We no longer use jetty on default installs. The easiest way is to uninstall everything and start from scratch. Uninstall instructions are also in the guide https://jitsi.org/qi

Ok. What is the latest runbook for installation ? If there is any guide please let me have it. Thanks for your prompt response Damencho.

https://jitsi.org/qi is the guide to follow.

Damencho this is the best community I ever been in. However, I find your steps clear and straight to the point. I have this domain from go daddy–> acvb dot com. I want to know if it is okay to use it as it is acvb.com instead of meet dot acvb dot com.



All is working well now to make life easy and to contribute towards secure teleconferencing and etc.
I need to know where the crypto files are I am going to implement a special algo in java for this.

This will make sure that jitsi replaces zoom.

I am working really hard to make this happen.
Mean while I wrote you all a letter about this 2 days ago and no response.

Which “crypto files”?

I meant to say cryptographic files that is doing all the neat encryption in jitsi. Thanks.

This is all implemented in the browsers, and it is called webrtc.

Ok… I will like to look at the code so that I can learn how to put a different cipher algorithm on my channel.

Out of curiosity, given that (a) WebRTC is standardised, and (b) writing your own crypto is almost invariably a terrible idea, what are you looking to achieve here? (Unless you’re just doing it for fun, of course.)

This is what I have achieved

sir. You can read more here and download for android is here . This app has a security score of 75%. While others are just 10%. This doesnt include jitsi. I used this algorithm which is quantum resistance to accomplish the feat. All my life I hear people say the same thing you say. No wonder hackers are winning in cyber warfare. That type of statement is inaccurate and a misnomer. The statement is designed to stunt security. I will like to put his in jitsi --> jitsilokdon and let the world tell us the difference. I only want to push the limits.

Fair enough. I’m just surprised that someone with the skills to rewrite cryptographic libraries in a more secure manner than those which exist today would need to ask where the “crypto files” are.

But, heh, good luck!

(FWIW, the screenshot talks about “app security”, which could be rather more general. For example, the default jitsi TLS browser configuration is not optimal, and won’t score highly on SSLLabs etc reports. That’s a web server config issue rather than a cryptographic one, though.)

What you saw is with MobSF SAST and DAST… I am not going to chastise you for not knowing that because no one is expected to know every thing. Google is there why trouble yourself. I am only interested in learning what you are doing. I am not interested in convincing you. I think I am seeking answers. I really appreciate your input in all. Any one telling you that you cannot make anything because it cannot be done is lying to you. The question I ask is Where did you get the one you have from? Secondly, I don’t do js at all. I am here to learn apparently I know nothing. Consequently, I am asking the jitsi team the way around the product I mostly will like to work on.

. Even jitsi app but I love jitsi.

Please lets not argue you can try MobSF yourself.

Exactly — it’s because of that that I think you’re looking in the wrong place if you want to improve the score by changing the WebRTC encryption system.

But, have fun :slight_smile:

Neil I am not against you at all. I am with jitsi. There are things you need to understand WebRTC in not encryption standard rather a protocol that uses DTLS-SRTP-> AES 256. Now this is where you must pay attention ok. How do you think the encryption keys get to the other end? TLS or SSL right. What if I tell you that both are no good when only one is good. The last time anything big happened in cryptography was 20+ years ago. We have a system where you need not move any key and not worry about PRNG either. Why do you think we have breaches everyday?. If I were you I will pay attention to what I don’t know than be stuck with what I already know is not working. Zoom said the same thing a year ago. I have a vision that jitsi can replace Zoom if you guys will listen to my nonsense.

We have been in the field for long and we understand the attack surfaces and ways to curb them.

Mobile application assessment was carried out and we found out what is going on under the hood of most apps. When I get time I am going to do one for jitsi meet for the purpose of showing that it could be better. I am not here to fight but work with you. They don’t care about peoples privacy. Most users still think that a lock keys means the site is secure not if tls is not implemented. Lets keep the conversation going.

Fortunately, I’m reasonably familiar with WebRTC :slight_smile:

I look forward to reading your patches for improvements in due course.

You called it encryption standard. I think not. https://webrtc.github.io/samples/

I’m not sure I did, but it really doesn’t matter.