JItsi meet

How Can I get all streaming video ?
I just want to toggle my large video from jitsi meet in picture in picture mode

Can you rephrase?Toggling the large video to PiP mode is a bit tricky because if the active participant changes you’ll need to engage it again. The browser provides the controls to turn a video into PiP.

We’ll be adding a builtin way to get into pip in the future.

We don’t have problem in participant changes.
because in our case there is just to person are in meeting and just one is on large video and it can’t be change
If I got a large screen video then I am able to perform PiP using

if (document.pictureInPictureElement) {
await document.exitPictureInPicture();
} else {
await video.requestPictureInPicture();

Sorry, I don’t understand your problem I’m afraid…

Can I just get large video in jitsi meet ?

You can get it by querying the DOM. It’s id is largeVideo

It’s give me every time Null

Are you in stage view or tile view?

in tile view

The large video is only available in large view mode.

How can I enable large view mode ?
My Meeting is look like

That is the large view mode. Not sure if you’re asking how to change to this view. If so, just toggle the button on the toolbar:

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 10.09.59 AM

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