Jitsi meet works on apps but not in browsers

Hi all,

I just installed jitsi meet successfully in a Ubuntu 18 container on a QNAP nas following the quick setup guide. Also let’s encrypt worked after some struggle. I have two times NAT configs and port mappings active from router to nas and from nas to the container for HTTP and HTTPS. The particular thing now is, the apps on iOS and Android are able to use my server. I can see the meetings in the logs and they can talk to eachother when outside the LAN or within it (for the later, I must use 4444 instead of 443 for HTTPS but it works). But when I use the browser, no matter which one, I get the screens and the menues, I can choose the meeting but it never loads really and I don’t see it in the logs mentioned under debugging. What’s to do here?

Check js console logs in the browser, do you see any errors?
When you are using different than port 443 have you changed the address of bosh in config.js to also use the custom port?

Thank you! The bosh did the trick, but as the outside world has another port (443) it now does not work anymore for others

I guess I will need to setup a reverse proxy for that now :-/

I am in a similar situation, but not able to fix it with reverse proxy