Jitsi Meet with token - Identifying the user id in Javascript


I have the Jitsi Meet software installed on my Ubuntu server and it’s working just fine. I have configured to authenticate only with tokens… That also works fine (if trying to authenticate without token, it doesn’t work, instead when I use a token it uses the name and avatar perfectly)…

The issue comes when I try to identify the user id… In the token payload I put some thing like this:
“context”: {
“user”: {
“avatar”: “<>”,
“name”: “<>”,
“email”: “<< MY E-MAIL>>”,
“group”: “<< MY GROUP NAME>>”


By other side, I connect to my Jitsi server with the Javascript API creating and “incomingMessage” listener.

	function incomingMessageListener(e){
		alert(e.from + " - " + e.nick + " - " + e.message);

In e.nick I get the full name, in e.message I get the message, but in e.from I get an “invented” id (f.e. “e6d43f84”)…

  1. How can I get the id field of the token? (Or the e-mail or whatever other field)…
  2. What is the group field for?

Thank you in advance.

If you have multidomains like https://meet.jit.si/8x8/someroom https://meet.jit.si/jitsi/someroom you can put in group 8x8 or jitsi to do restrictions per siteID.

Ok, that is the “group” section.
But can I control de ID somehow?