Jitsi Meet With React Native

Hi all,
I want to integrate Jitsi Meet in my existing react native app
I was referring this document Introduction · Jitsi Meet Handbook
But I am not able to see any steps for react native
So how I can integrate the Jitsi Meet in my existing react native project.

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Did you find a solution?
Did you find this site GitHub - skrafft/react-native-jitsi-meet: React native wrapper for Jitsi Meet SDK ?

Apologies, I don’t know about React Native so other than using Internet searches, I cannot help much.

Yes I have Refer this React Native Wrapper for Jitsi Meet, and its working.I am facing same issues.I have upgraded the sdk version of jitsi to 3.1.
In IOS I am able to get the participant left and participant joined event
But in android these events are not working, does 3.1 Android Sdk version support this event?.Any help would be useful…thanks.