Jitsi meet with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Yes. Or make an “all can you hear” option, what monitors all the audio sounding, not only inputs, because if you only allow several inputs, you have microphones and DSP soundcard but you still dont have application and desktop sounds, only microphone and other.
I used OBS because OBS allow that option of monitoring all sounds what my sound cards doesnt allow by driver or windows mixer.

Ok, thanks for the patience @N3BB3Z4R, I think I understand now. Is OBS capable of creating a sort of pseudo-input device that combines all these things that you could then select as your microphone in Jitsi (chrome)? That seems to me like that’d be the best bet. For us to support multiple input devices we’d have to support multiple audio inputs and mix them locally, and even then I don’t know that that would work to capture desktop sounds.

As far as using Jibri, there are some similarities here with the SIP gateway use case of Jibri, but it wasn’t designed for this sort of a use case so it wouldn’t work out of the box.

I think OBS community finds some kind of solution making a virtual channel to output all straight just inside SO, like VirtualBox or Hamachi with virtual network cards, for me its ok, I use OBS if necessary, but I didnt try yet, Im gonna try it this week to check if this work with my bunch of sound cards: