Jitsi meet with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)



Hi @damencho

Can we connect Jitsi meet with OBS(Open Broadcaster Software). Like we can connect YouTube with OBS and can broadcast live streaming to all user using the OBS.


I don’t understand the usage here of OBS, isn’t it just a video recording/streaming software. So you can broadcast from jitsi-meet directly to youtube, you don’t need OBS. You can test this on meet.jit.si.


it would be important because it would allow the external video connection to be imported into OBS (virtual studio). Yet I would like to use it like this


I have no idea how this OBS is working, but if it is somehow running as a server that accepts rtmp, you can configure jibri to send stream there.


this is a great answer, how can I configure jibri to send the stream by rtmp?
If it were possible to have a rtmp link for each video it would be great

do I have to install jibri on my local server?


Deploying jibri is not an easy task, checkout the readme https://github.com/jitsi/jibri. Normally you do it on a separate machine, and one jibri is for one session at a time. There is no option to change the rtmp link per session.

I’m not sure, but it seems to me there is no way at the moment to configure custom rtmp link, other than editing the source and re-compiling, @Aaron_van_Meerten @bbaldino?


Currently there isn’t a way to pass in a custom RTMP link. We’ve discussed and planned (at some point) supporting more services (and potentially custom URLs) but it hasn’t been a priority so far. We’d definitely welcome a PR.


@bbaldino: It means there is no way to connect OBS in jitsi with dynamic rtmp?


If that requires a custom RTMP url, then no, not currently I’m afraid.


For this… will it work on these cases:

  1. Suppose I started the session and using Jibri I can broadcast my video to all my users.
  2. I have single class for 1 hour and after ending my class 1…Can I start class2 for next 1 hour and Jibri will work in this case and broadcast video to all my class2 joinee.


@bbaldino Any input on this?


I don’t think I understand the question, can you elaborate?


Actually my purpose to use jitsi for video conferencing to attend my classes and I want to broadcast that live class using OBS.

So as you guys suggested to use Jibri to achieve the same, so now my question is if Jibri can perform the same task that means we can record and broadcast one session at a time using Jibri…Please correct me if I am not correct.

So suppose class A started and I am broadcasting this live class to my users …Can I do same for class B?


A Jibri instance is capable of one YouTube stream at a time. If I’m understanding you right, and you want to broadcast 2 classes to 2 different groups, you’d need 2 instances of Jibri to do that but yeah it’d work fine.