Jitsi Meet with Multiple Video Bridge

I need to deploy Jitsi meet with multiple video bridge.
Here is My Server’s Configuration:

Host-name: jitsi.example.com
Server 1
Quick Jitsi Meet installation with Meet, XMPP, NGNIX, JVB
vCPU : 4 Core
vRAM : 8 GB

Server 2
JVB Only
vCPU : 8 Core
vRAM : 8 GB

Server 3
JVB Only
vCPU : 8 Core
vRAM : 8 GB

Network Config :
VMs on NAT

Server 1-3 are on same network like :
Server 1: 192.168.x.1,
Server 2: 192.168.x.2,
Server 3: 192.168.x.3
Internet Bandwidth: 500 Mbps and 1Gbps Connectivity between JVBs

Here is my Questions :
Q1. How many Public IP will require for above setup ? or Only Server 1 require Public IP and Bridges will communicate locally via 192.168.x.x ?

Q2. Which Ports Need to Open on Serves

Q3. How many conferences can be Host on those servers

Thanks in Advance

Normally(recommended) you need 3 Public IP. But with advance configuration on the router & Videobridge you can do it with 1 Public IP.

for server 1: 80, 443 ,10000 (on firewall) + 5222(on host)
for server 2 & 3: 10000

Its hard to tell, it depend on many factor. You can test the system by yourself using stress test tool provided by jitsi (jitsi torture). search it on GitHub.

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Hello @facsiaginsa,

I want to ask something. JVB connects to Prosody via the internal IP, so Prosody will not know the JVB’s external IP (maybe I’m wrong). In this case, is Prosody able to redirect the external clients correctly?

When we connect the jvb and prosody using pubsub mode, I got error because of that problem you said.

But now the jvb config is muc mode, I don’t see any problem regarding that on my setup. In fact, I think its better to use private ip because the communication between jvb and prosody doesn’t go to firewall first.

note: the config on the jvb will still using domain, but you define the private ip of the domain on the /etc/hosts

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note: the config on the jvb will still using domain, but you define the private ip of the domain on the /etc/hosts

so that i need only 1 Public IP ?

I recommend you to use 3 IP Public if this is your first time installing/configuring jitsi. Because It is quite difficult to config if you only use 1 IP Public since it is not documented.

Thanks for your quick reply. Are you talking about MUC mode ?. I think if i use MUC mode in JVB then its possible to implement this with 1 Public IP.

I have configured multiple JVB with single IP. Soon i will share the process.

Thank You.

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How can i identify the external video-bridge is working (not internal)?


Can you share the process?
I am new to jitsi-meet and want to have 3 servers with a single Public IP.

Hey! People looking for Jitsi with multiple bridge setup. Check our manual here. We made installations with multiple video bridges just following these steps.

Could you please share the process for multiple videobridge with private IP / single public ip?

Please share your process