jitsi-meet with ipfire


I am looking for guidance in configuring jitsi-meet to work with the
personal firewall ipFire.

I suppose that the jitsi-meet server should be connected to the ORANGE
(or “DMZ”) interface.

The ISP provides a DHCP address, but I have registered a FQDN with
no-ip.com. So I suppose that ipFire should be configured to notify
no-ip.com whenever the ip address changes.

Is this the right approach, and is additional configuration needed?



If your ip is changing you need to make sure on every change you add the correct ip address in jvb config and restart jvb.

In general the deployment is supposed to be ran on a server with high bandwidth available. It is not intended to be ran on home internet providers as they have limited upload most of the time and jvb needs a lot of upload bandwidth.



I thank you for the reply.

I purchased a registration with no-ip.com which gives me a FQDN and a
static IP address; I used the FQDN when I installed jitsi-meet.

I configured ipFire to update no-ip.com if the ip address changes. I
planned to put the jitsi server on the ORANGE (DMZ) port of ipfire.

I live in a rural area, with a microwave link to my ISP. The tower of
my ISP is only a mile or two away; the ISP is a small outfit with only a
few customers, so perhaps I can get more upload bandwidth if I need it.

My goal is simply one-on-one communication for my personal use, and not
conferencing. I thought it would be interesting to run my own jitsi
server, rather than use Ekiga. I am running Debian 9 on i386 and amd64




You need to configure jvb with public/private address and open and forward some ports: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/quick-install.md#advanced-configuration