Jitsi Meet with Apache behind NginX Proxy Manager

I have a need to reverse proxy my IPv4 address and so I installed Jitsi Meet with Apache behind my NginX Proxy Manager. Whenever I start a call with someone, it lasts about 6-10 seconds and then disconnects. If I install the standard installation which has NginX as part of the install, the web page won’t even display because NginX does not like running behind NginX Proxy Manager.

So, I tried the standard installation for Jitsi Meet, except IPv6 only, thus trying to avoid NginX Proxy Manager. This works great from inside my network, but not outside. Yes, I have the correct IPv6 firewall rules and an AAAA record in the domain. The certificate verifies correctly and installs too. It’s just that there is no access except inside my network. Also, I have the IPv6 enable switch on in the .JS file.

The only way I can get Jitsi Meet to work is by using the standard install and letting it use IPv4 or IPv4 and IPv6 without NginX Proxy manager. This forces me to make all my other servers IPv6 only, since only one server can be IPv4 without NginX Proxy Manager.

What I really want is a procedure for installing Jitsi Meet in the standard way…ie:

curl https://download.jitsi.org/jitsi-key.gpg.key | sudo sh -c ‘gpg --dearmor > /usr/share/keyrings/jitsi-keyring.gpg’

echo ‘deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/jitsi-keyring.gpg] https://download.jitsi.org stable/’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jitsi-stable.list > /dev/null

sudo apt-get -y update
sudo apt-get -y install jitsi-meet

Open ports 443, 80, 4443, and 10000

Jitsi Cert:

sudo /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/install-letsencrypt-cert.sh

However, the caveat is I want this installation above to be compatible with NginX Proxy Manager which I use to offer many other sites via reverse proxy. I read where installing Apache first and then doing the install above works behind NginX Proxy Manager. It does indeed install and I am able to Proxy it behind NginX proxy Manager. The problem is that in that configuration I get disconnects every 5-10 seconds in a meeting.