JITSI MEET WINDOWS CLIENT shtudown SIP communication after 30 seconds with AASTRA pbx orange Mitel


the communication SIP shutdown after 30 seconds with the PBX
the PBX send INFO every 30 seconds
jitsi respond BAD EVENT (487) or NOT_IMPLEMENTED (501)
it should send OK (200)

and communication shutdown…

i modify the code in file ProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl.java
Line 1 073: Response.BAD_EVENT, request);
replace by Response.OK, request);
Line 1145 Response.NOT_IMPLEMENTED, request);
replace by Response.OK, request);

you can modify directly the file in C:\Program Files\Jitsi\sc-bundles\protocol-sip.jar
edit with Recaf that you can download here : https://github.com/Col-E/Recaf
modify file ProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl.jar :
line 503 replace 489 by 200 like this : response = this.getMessageFactory().createResponse(200, request);
line 545replace 501 by 200 like this : Response response = this.getMessageFactory().createResponse(200, request);

right clic to edit
ctrl+s to save the modification
ctrl+e to save the file protocol-sip.jar

enjoy !