Jitsi Meet web UI customization

Hello everybody !
My enterprise wants to use jitsi and needs probably to customize (logo, etc.)
I wanna know how to do to get jitsi for own customization.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @aime.mukuma,
In order to make small changes i.e. in your case changing the logo or changing the background colour, their are two files that are present in the hosted jitsi-meet server which are -

  1. all.css (/usr/share/jitsi-meet/css)
  2. interface_config.js (/usr/share/jitsi-meet)
    You need to modify these files.
    Also for adding a logo, you can add the image in images folder(/usr/share/jitsi-meet/images).
    Hope that helps.
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Keep in mind some or all of these changes will be overwritten when upgrading.

This is a known, reported issue, see :

Unfortunately for now you have to plan to revert to a previous backup of your setup after an upgrade.


hello @Giri-sh-irke i have selfhosted the server in linux vm how to find the html and css files. I only get these files.

please help me out brother.

Hi @Dibyajyoti_Prusty, Here are the steps -

  1. You will have to clone the Jitsi-meet client application. There you will find the components of the application which are written in react.js as well as react-native(For mobile development).

  2. You can make your changes and run the code in a development environment using make dev and then create the build run the command make as specified in the documentation.

  3. Building the code will update the css/all.css, libs folder in the jitsi-meet application folder. You just have to replace the all.css, libs folder on the hosted server and you will get your changes.

  4. If you want changes related to the calling screen, you will find them in the interface.config file. Note that this file loads from backend so any changes to this file in the client app won’t be visible to you while development. You can replace this file in the hosted server.

Please note that you will compulsorily need a Linux machine to use the above commands as development is only possible in Linux OS. Also according to my observation, if you upgrade the jitsi hosted server, all the changes will be lost and you will have to replace these files again.
Hope I solved your doubt.

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After doing the changes how to deploy it to the server.

Here is a guide that may help you:

Hi guide me

sir we want to remove this conten jitsi meet conferencing on join meeting page

Set the following to “true” in config.js:

disableDeepLinking: true,


Is it supported on macOS?

Yes, you can these binaries on macOS.

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