Jitsi Meet Web: How to pin moderator and close meeting programatically?

Hi! I need to end the call by clicking a button outside of the Jitsi UI, is this possible? I can’t seem to find a method for this (such as .endCall()).
Also I would like to know if it is possible to programatically set the creator (moderator) of the room to be pinned for everyone so it’s the main person in the room speaking. Thanks!

Hello @MariaLo

I need that option to pin the moderator on top too, did you find a way to do it ?

I haven’t find this yet :frowning: still looking, any progress from your side? @Arber_Suka

Hello @MariaLo as it seems, there are the options

1). Everyone Follows me
2). Everyone Starts Muted

With this two settings enabled you can make the moderator being on top always as soon as nobody speaks. If someone speaks than he has to mute himself again or the moderator kan mute him or the entire meeting, and as soon as the moderator starts to speak he will be on top again.

That makes senss because,
What if someone else will speak in an meeting with 20 people?
You will see only the moderator and you will not know who is speaking unless someone tells his/her name

I dived deep into the code but i managed to crash the system everytime tried to pin the moderator on top.

So my solution is check the two setting
Everyone follows me
Everyone start muted

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