Jitsi-meet vmrare of vitual box

Dear colleagues!
Thank you for your product and for your diligence and work on this product. I am very glad to use your product and it is very convenient and practical.
I would like to say that I raised the jitsi-meet server many times according to the instructions on vmware on (ubuntu-ngix), (ubuntu + apache), and on Debian, but there was always a problem that when you connect to the office the camera and microphone are unavailable and plus when you go into the same office 2-3 people they do not see each other … I tried to read a lot but failed …

I would like to beg your dear colleagues. DO YOU HAVE A READY-WAY OS on vmvarу or vitual box that works well and without problems … Thank you

I don’t see why it will not work if you configure all port forwarding and public/private addresses as described in the advanced part of quick install guide