Jitsi meet video qulity issue

Hi Guys, I am currently using the jitsi meet(docker-jitsi-meet-stable-6173). The jitsi meet sometimes gives the best video quality and sometimes blur video quality while sharing the screen.
Is it need any updates?? why did this happen??

The video-sharing quality is working well when 1 person with another person has met. In case another person joins, the sharing screen will be blurred and someone can’t share the screen. Pls give me a solution.

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Do a test with 3 participants in a meeting (no screen sharing). How’s the video quality?

Hi @Freddie the video quality is working well. But the screen share only blurred. Also, the 1st and second people can’t share the video screen.
Arun(host) put meet and he is the 1st person. Freddie joined as 2nd and Jhondoe joined as 3rd. Only Jhondoe can able to share his screen. Freddie and Arun can’t share the screen. The screen is not visible, But a share logo is presented.

What browser (and version) are you using?

Using Chrome browser, Version 95.0.4638.54.

Are you able to replicate this issue on meet.jit.si?

I didn’t check @Freddie. One more thing that I have integrated Jitsi meet with my rocket chat. Auth type as JWT

Screenshot from 2021-11-30 16-13-20

After click the phone simble the meet will appear like this.

Ah, ok… I suspect the issue might be with the integration. I’d suggest testing on meet.jit.si to see if you experience the same issues. If not, then the issue stems from your integration with RocketChat.

Also, what errors do you see in the browser’s js console when you encounter this issue?

I have tried with meet.jit.si with my team. It’s working well.

Hi, @Freddie I think the rocket chat integration is not the problem. I have made the test that I have hosted jitsi meet alone under one domain(https://meet.domain.com) without integrating anything(rocket chat). We(3persons) can able to share the screen but the quality is blurred(poor). I have captured some browser’s js console.

I am using this documentation with latest release

Self-Hosting Guide - Docker · Jitsi Meet Handbook

You have a websocket problem

As @emrah pointed out, your js console shows you have websocket errors. My suspicion in your case is an nginx misconfiguration. Check your nginx log for errors. Share your nginx config.

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Thanks, @Freddie, and @emrah I have fixed that. You guys are right that I have a WebSocket error and I fixed it with Nginx configurations.

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