Jitsi Meet via Docker: disable recording- and livestream-button

Dear colleagues.

I’m not using Jibri, however the functions are still made available to the users in the menu.

When operating Jitsi Meet via Docker, is there a way to deactivate the recording- and livestream-button in the menu for the users without changing the source code?

Not really familiar with docker, but I believe you can just set those two to “no”/“false” in your .env.

Here is the template for “.env”:

I can’t find a way to disable button availability in the template.


It already is. The feature is disabled, but the buttons are still visible to users.

Ah, you can configure the toolbar buttons you want to show up here:

So you would list the buttons you want to show up; anything that’s not listed should be hidden.

Thanks very much.

While this looks good, TOOLBAR_BUTTONS doesn’t seem to have any effect.

For example, if I configure TOOLBAR_BUTTONS=camera,chat,closedcaptions,desktop the following configuration is still generated after restart in “config.js” and the buttons remain:

// toolbarButtons: [
//    'camera',
//    'chat',
//    'closedcaptions',
//    'desktop',
//    'download',
//    'embedmeeting',
//    'etherpad',
//    'feedback',
//    'filmstrip',
//    'fullscreen',
//    'hangup',
//    'help',
//    'invite',
//    'livestreaming',
//    'microphone',
//    'mute-everyone',
//    'mute-video-everyone',
//    'participants-pane',
//    'profile',
//    'raisehand',
//    'recording',
//    'security',
//    'select-background',
//    'settings',
//    'shareaudio',
//    'sharedvideo',
//    'shortcuts',
//    'stats',
//    'tileview',
//    'toggle-camera',
//    'videoquality',
//    '__end'
// ],

Possibly a bug?

So make that change in config.js. I know there are two config.js files in docker (one doesn’t hold changes), so change it in the right one.

Maybe in a older version?

There is only one “config.js” on the system ("~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web/config.js"). This file will be generated on any start.

This seems to be a work in progress:

I took a quick look at the docker guide. It says right there:

" These files are re-created on every container restart. If you’d like to provide your own settings, create your own config files: custom-config.js and custom-interface_config.js ."

So, in essence, you need to create your own custom config and place it in .jitsi-meet-cfg. Jitsi will automatically pick up the custom-config.js if it exists. I suggest going through the guide.

I’ve overlooked. I’ll try that. Many, many thanks for your help!

This is how it works perfectly.

In the “custom-config.js” file, the lines

config.fileRecordingsEnabled = false;
config.liveStreamingEnabled = false;

must be added.

Once again, thank you very much for your help.