Jitsi-meet: Using the rebuit sdk in Android, gradle complains about "react-native-reanimated"

I used the master branch to rebuild the android sdk using provided script. To simply verify the workflow, I didn’t change anything, a. npm install b. making the local repo and run the script. No error, everything was OK. On android, I started implementing the sdk into my app, no problem unless Gradle threw :
Could not find com.swmansion.reanimated:react-native-reanimated:1.13.3-jitsi-9121159.

Things I’ve tried so far:
a. use the pre-build sdk: Works.
b. npm update and install: the error.
c. using both my repo first and after that the official release repo: the error.
d. setting up a new app like the provided sample, for the sake of beating the jinx: the error.

(I changed the path to ~ here, but I used the correct one in the build.gradle)
It tries to search it at the root of repo, like:

Searched in the following locations:

 - file: ~/repo/com/swmansion/reanimated/react-native-reanimated/1.13.3-jitsi-9121159/react-native-reanimated-1.13.3-jitsi-9121159.pom
 - github.com/jitsi/jitsi-maven-repository/raw/master/releases/com/swmansion/reanimated/react-native-reanimated/1.13.3-jitsi-9121159/react-native-reanimated-1.13.3-jitsi-9121159.pom
 - dl.google.com/dl/android/maven2/com/swmansion/reanimated/react-native-reanimated/1.13.3-jitsi-9121159/react-native-reanimated-1.13.3-jitsi-9121159.pom
 - epo.maven.apache.org/maven2/com/swmansion/reanimated/react-native-reanimated/1.13.3-jitsi-9121159/react-native-reanimated-1.13.3-jitsi-9121159.pom
 - center.bintray.com/com/swmansion/reanimated/react-native-reanimated/1.13.3-jitsi-9121159/react-native-reanimated-1.13.3-jitsi-9121159.pom

Why this module though?
Do I have to put it manually in the local repo or am I missing something here?
Thank you in advance.