Jitsi meet under win 10 issues/questions


I see this email for those testing on win10 which I am.

do i have to report this to a forum?

first, the logo would be nice to move it or have it auto hide
as when I scale chat window down for corner as I use it on
live stream for google via manycam/obs
see attachment (ok that was email I sent. cant see how
to append here in forum…

the logo is too big and goes over the persons head

I heard theres a config.js file but Im using it under fast BRAVE.com
(same as chrome) and did a full drive search and didnt find it
for jitsi as it loads as code in a tab…

also if I say hidden and mute for everyone…
seems they can unmute their own mic and not
force me to do it… as dont want people coming on nude
or swearing. is that a bug?

also would be nice to make certain people on chat
MODERATORS… theres no function from what I can see
so they can kick others or mute etc. bit like discord offers

apart from that no issues but sometimes the peer says having
connection problem… might be the HD 720p is too much for them
on wifi? maybe needs more buffer?
mine is all on fiber and cabled and have no issues.

one issue. it gives a false error… if you dont start manycam/virtualcam says give permission on browser
for camera/mic… instead of saying NO camera detected

cheers Paul
New Zealand.