Jitsi Meet translation into Russian


Dear Jitsi team! I’m a security trainer and translator from Russia. I completed Jitsi Meet translation into Russian (at translate.jitsi.org, my nickname there is also 75300). Whom should I address to find out if/when this translation is applied to the software? I also noticed some minor differencies between the set of segments I translated and the actual website so it would be nice to talk to someone who could probably update the source. Thank you. Sergey


Thank you! The translations will be committed into https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/lang/main-ru.json so you can check whether that has already happened (by examining the file maybe?!). Eventually, we’ll deploy the new software version to meet.jit.si and then you’ll see your translations there. @damencho, I’m not sure how the translations move from translate.jitsi.org to jitsi-meet on GitHub so could you please chime in?


Will check it tomorrow, as we had some problem with pootle the last time we looked (was not able to commit to jitsi-meet). Will update you with the status.


The translations are in master now.