Jitsi-meet-torture sound ist not playing on another browser in the same jitsi conference room


i use the script /scripts/malleus.sh to test my jitsi server. The sound will not be streamed to the jitsi server.
I changed added the absolute path in the WebParticipantOptions.initDefaults function to:
defaults.setProperty(PROP_FAKE_AUDIO, “/home/seluser/fakeAudioStream.wav”);

I added an output to see the options from the Chrome request.
The chrome options contains: use-file-for-fake-audio-capture=/home/seluser/fakeAudioStream.wav,
The file exsits at the node.

It seams, that everything is configured correctly. But I am not able to hear the sound at another jitsi conference participant. It seams, that the WAV file will not be transmitted to the jitsi server.

I can see the video file (-sender=1) at another client when using the FourPeople_1280x720_60.y4m file, but if I test another file the videos will not be transmitted.

Can anyone give me a hint?

It seems, that the audio and video file must have a specific format (uncompressed).